Predictable: TIME Mag Picks Murdered-Persecuted Journalists as ‘Person of the Year’ in Swipe at Trump and his War on Liberal Media Hacks

In 2017 TIME Magazine named the #MeToo Campaign as “person of the year.”

But Ronan Farrow, the founder of the movement was left off the cover. Ronan was the reason any of this was brought to the light of day.

Ashley Judd was on the cover even though she stayed quiet for decades as thousands of women were abused by Harvey Weinstein.
What a hero.

TIME Magazine awarded the #MeToo movement as person of the year award.

This move by TIME was a sideswipe at President Trump after reports of his many lovers and trysts over the years came to light.

This year TIME Magazine named persecuted and murdered journalists as their “person of the year” in a swipe at Donald Trump.

US liberal journalists believe they are being persecuted because President Trump consistently calls them out on the far left BS.

In fact the only journalists under attack today in America are conservatives who are constantly de-platformed, shadow-banned, targeted financially, targeted with law suits, harassed, abused and threatened.

Muslim Brotherhood reporter Jamal Khashoggi made the cover.

CNN’s Brian Stelter says there is a “war on truth” because Trump doesn’t buy their liberal crap.

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