New York State Democrat Senator To Female GOP Staffer on Twitter “Kill Yourself!”

NY State Senator Kevin Parker; Twitter avatar

New York State Democrat Senator Kevin Parker tweeted to a top GOP female staffer on Tuesday, “kill yourself!”

Candice Giove, the New York State Senate Majority’s deputy communications director, tweeted about Kevin Parker abusing his position after discovering that a placard found in a car parked in a bike lane belonged to Senator Parker, however, the license plate number on the placard did not match to the vehicle.

GIOVE: “It got to the bottom of this. The placard is assigned to @SenatorParker. However, the license plate # on the placard does not match the vehicle. So he either used it in another car or gave it to someone to use, both of which are not permitted,” Candace Giove tweeted.


Democrat Kevin Parker responded to Candace Giove’s tweet by telling her “Kill yourself!” — the tweet has since been deleted but we have screenshots.

Parker then tried to walk back his tweet after major backlash.

Then Parker started attacking the GOP female staffer again!

It gets better…Democrat State Senator Kevin Parker is actually one of the leaders on a bill that would have law enforcement review a person’s social media history before they purchase a firearm. 

A recent study revealed women are abused every 30 seconds on Twitter and Democrat State Senator Kevin Parker is certainly part of the problem.

Of course Twitter has taken no action against Kevin Parker for his tweet encouraging a woman to commit suicide and since Democrats never get punished, Parker will likely not be censured or expelled either. 

H/T Daily Caller

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