New FBI Docs Released on Hillary Clinton Email Investigation – Clinton Insiders Questioned by Feds Used Identical Talking Points

It’s Friday and that means another FBI doc dump.

New FBI docs were released Friday on the Hillary Clinton private server/email investigation.

102 pages were omitted and many of the pages had redactions, however the notes revealed that people connected to Hillary Clinton acted surprised about her private server, claimed they “didn’t recall” anything and used identical talking points when answering questions by the feds.


Page 12 of the doc dump shows the talking points to be identical and coordinated.

102 pages omitted, some per the CIA using b1 classification.

Hillary Clinton still must answer questions under oath about the creation of her private server thanks to the relentless work by Judicial Watch.

Thanks to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, the American public was made aware of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

On Thursday, a federal court blasted the DOJ and State Department on Hillary Clinton’s emails and ordered a discovery plan in 10 days as to whether Hillary’s private email system was intentionally set up to evade FOIA requests and lawsuits. (we know the answer)

Hillary Clinton conducted official business on a non government server so she could hide her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play while she was head of the Department of State and she continues to get away with her crimes because we have no justice in the ‘Justice Department.’

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