“Motherf*cker! Let’s Take it Outside!” Transgender Woman Threatens GameStop Employee For Using the Word “Sir” (VIDEO)

A transgender customer completely melted down this week at a GameStop in Albuquerque, New Mexico after an employee misgendered ‘her’ by using the term “sir” instead of “ma’am.”

The trans ‘woman’ became so irate that ‘she’ challenged the male employee to a fight and wanted to take it outside.

How ladylike!

“Motherf*cker! Take it outside! If you want to call me sir again, I will show you a f*cking sir!” the trans ‘woman’ screamed.

The angry trans customer also threatened to call corporate offices after screaming “motherf*cker!” again while kicking over a display that was in the center of the store.

“I was misgendered several times in this store!” yelled the trans ‘woman.’

The employee was doing his best to calm down the angry customer but ‘she’ kept raging out of control before finally leaving the establishment.

VIDEO (language warning):

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