Liberal Darling and Nutbag Malcolm Nance: Internet Trolling and Memes Were Meant to Soften America for Eventual Russian Invasion Under Trump (VIDEO)

This is the kind of insane gibberish that passes for intellectual thought on the left.
You don’t have to be smart to be a leftist – you only have to be gullible idiots.

FOX News host Tucker Carlson highlighted this strange rant by Nance on his show last night.

NBC host Brian Williams thought this rant was brilliant which shows the insanity is spreading far and wide on the left.
Via Real Clear Politics:

Nance said for 20 years the Russian have been running a disinformation campaign against the U.S. so we would “welcome” an invasion. Nance said for Trump it started at least in 2011 and that the Russians targeted Mueller and black voters in an effort to aid Trump.

“What Russia has done here and where the true brilliance of this intelligence operation comes from is way back in the early 2000s the Russian military conducted a strategic study and started carrying out a disinformation plan in which they said that instead of carrying out kinetic warfare against your enemies, the best thing we can do is create a disinformation and frame around that nation to the point where over time as we are constantly tearing them apart and feeding them with false information, they would actually welcome an invasion. So Russia has done that to the United States,” Nance claimed.

Nance said “memes and tropes” used in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign were the equivalent of “cruise missiles.”

“It began way before 2016,” the theorist said. “As a matter of fact, the earliest references I have with relation to Donald Trump shows that it started back in 2011 with Maria Butina and the NRA contacts, contacts with the fundamentalist Christian right and the alt-right in the United States. Russia was pushing these disinformation themes then.”

“Then in 2013, they stood up the Russian Federation Internet Research Agency which built all of these memes and tropes which became the cruise missiles of fake news and disinformation designed to do what it did today, take one-third of the United States population and make them refuse to believe what they see before their very eyes and may have elected a president in the process,” he said.

Nance said with American assistance the Russian campaign helped “suppress” the black vote and there is no doubt in his mind or those in the intelligence community that this is the truth.

“This is how effective this information warfare campaign has been carried out,” Nance said. “And let me tell you, this report shows how they went after to suppress the African-American vote and there`s no doubt in my mind or anybody else`s in the intelligence community that doesn`t believe that it took American citizens to assist them in really getting down to where these voters were who needed to be suppressed and they did it in such a fashion, one of their Twitter groups had 366,000 followers on it.”

Brian Williams was stunned and concluded the segment by telling viewers this “needs to be said” and “needs to be heard.”

This is sooo crazy.
You have to see it to believe it!

And the reaction by Brian Williams is perfect.
Complete lunacy.

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