Legal Battle Between Mueller and Mystery Nemesis Picks Up Steam – But Everything is Under Seal

Robert Mueller is locked in a dispute with a mystery grand jury witness, and the case, which is sealed, is now charging full steam ahead.

The case, which was filed in August and shrouded in mystery because everything is under seal, may be a legal battle between Mueller’s team and a person affiliated with Roger Stone.

Legals reporters have been speculating as to who this mystery grand jury witness may be.

Who is this person?


A lawyer for a senior Trump staffer said in October, “It could be anyone who’s been subpoenaed by the special counsel for anything,” Law & Crime reported.

One thing is for sure, not everybody is just letting Mueller steamroll over them – people like Manafort, Stone, Corsi and this mystery witness are putting up a fight and challenging Mueller’s authority.

Politico reported:

It’s unclear exactly what the two sides are fighting over, but the case appears to resemble a separate legal battle involving an associate of Trump ally Roger Stone, Andrew Miller, who is fighting a Mueller subpoena. Miller’s lawyers are using the case, slated to be argued at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals early next month, to mount a broad legal assault on Mueller’s authority as special counsel.

In the more shadowy case, which involves an unknown person summoned before a grand jury this summer, the D.C. Circuit on Monday set a separate round of arguments for Dec. 14.

The case traveled in recent months from U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, back down to Howell and back up again to the appeals court with most details shrouded in secrecy, another indication that much of Mueller’s activity is taking place behind the scenes and is rarely glimpsed by the press or public.

On Friday, a DC Circuit announced that they will be hearing oral arguments in the case on December 14th in a closed session, reported Politico.

Law & Crime says the decision may be kept under seal and we may never know what the battle was over or who was involved.

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