Leftists Mock First Lady Melania For Wearing ‘Timberland Boots’ – But They Loved Michelle Obama’s Streetwalker Thigh-High Glittery Boots

Our lovely First Lady Melania joined her husband and surprised US troops in a post-Christmas visit to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq this week.

As usual, Melania Trump looked gorgeous in a mustard yellow top and dark pants. She swapped her usual high heels for ‘Timberland boots.’

The First Lady is in a combat zone so she’s trying to balance fashion and comfort, but the left just can’t help themselves — they had to mock Melania’s shoes.


The hate-filled leftists who always attacks Melania Trump for her heels and now these ‘Timberland’ boots just loved Michelle Obama’s streetwalker thigh-high glitter boots she paired with an ill-fitting dress.

First Lady Melania Trump already has set a number of records as First Lady.

Melania Trump is:

  • First First Lady not to have been born a citizen of the United States or in what would later become the United States. (Though Louisa Adams was born outside of the United States, she was the daughter of an American father – Joshua Johnson, the American Consul in London – and American citizenship was therefore her birthright.)[38][39] She naturalized in 2006.[40][41][42]
  • First First Lady to be born in Slovenia.
  • First First Lady to be fluent in five languages.[22] Besides Slovene, which is her native language, she speaks EnglishGermanFrench and Italian.[43]
  • First First Lady to be a non-native speaker of English.[22]

Melania Trump is also the first First Lady to have a successful career as a fashion model.

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And on Wednesday Melania Trump became one of the first First Ladies to enter a combat zone.

But leftists only have the brain power to talk about Melania’s shoes and debate whether our troops violated military rules because Trump signed red MAGA hats. Let that sink in.

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