James Comey Trashes FOX News after Closed-Door Hearing, “Someone Has Got to Stand Up in the Face of Fear of FOX News” (VIDEO)

Fire FBI Chief James Comey testified in his second closed-door interview on Capitol Hill Monday as part of a joint investigation with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee into the handling of the Clinton email investigation and his involvement in FISAGate.

James Comey reportedly did not provide a satisfactory testimony in his second closed-door interview with the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

James Comey slammed FOX News.
But he’s a completely unbiased official!

“At some point someone has got to stand up in the face of fear of Fox News, in the fear of their base, in the fear of mean tweets, stand up to the values of the country and not slink away in retirement. Stand up and speak the truth,” Comey said.

The fired FBI Director immediately trashed President Trump when he emerged from his closed-door testimony and mocked Republicans for wanting answers on the Hillary Clinton email scandal and FISAGate.

In a stunning display of arrogance, Comey said, “the rule of law matters and the truth matters,” then accused President Trump of attacking the rule of law.

The reputation of the FBI is in tatters because of James Comey’s failed and corrupt directorship, yet he blamed Trump for the agency’s ongoing problems and damaged reputation.

And this is the guy who used to run the premiere law enforcement agency in the United States — let that sink in.