House Committees Release Comey’s 235-Page Transcript From Closed-Door Interview

On Saturday, the House Committees released the 235-page transcript from Comey’s closed-door interview that was conducted on Friday.

The Committee on the House Judiciary joint with the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight interviewed fired FBI Director James Comey Friday in a closed-door session that was NOT UNDER OATH according to the transcript.

James Comey fought House GOP lawmakers and filed a motion to quash the subpoena, however he caved because he didn’t want to be held in contempt.

Comey was not cooperating with Republican lawmakers on Friday and refused to answer many questions about FISA abuse at the direction of his DOJ attorney according to reports.


Comey said during his interview that by the time he was fired on May 9th, 2017, he still wasn’t sure that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians.

“We opened them in late July, didn’t know whether we had anything. In fact, when I was fired as director, I still didn’t know whether there was anything to it,” he said.

Comey told Gowdy during the interview that he wasn’t sure if dossier author Christopher Steele was working with or for the FBI while he was working for the gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS.

“I don’t know,” Comey answered – how did the Director of the FBI not know this??

Comey’s testimony on Friday revealed the FBI’s FISA strategy: Keep the Director in the dark on Steele/Fusion GPS so he doesn’t technically “lie” to the FISA court.

GOP lawmakers said Comey will come in for a second round of questions for a December 17th interview.

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