Honduran Caravan Migrants Caught Stuffing Their Kids Under US Border Wall (VIDEO)

Honduran migrants are finding ways to illegally trickle into the United States as they climb over or even tunnel under the US border wall in Tijuana.

Currently there are thousands of Honduran migrants camping out in Tijuana, Mexico, the city that borders San Diego, California.

Many Hondurans refuse to go through the proper channels to claim asylum so they are illegally crossing over.

After storming the border a couple weeks ago and failing to cross into the US so they can leech off the largess of the American taxpayer, the Hondurans found a more discreet way to enter.

According to the Associated Press, Central Americans are sneaking through in the dead of the night in areas where the border wall is merely a dilapidated fence.

By word of mouth, some have realized they can simply cross into U.S. territory, largely uninhibited by Mexican authorities. In twos or threes — occasionally by the dozen — they arrive at the border wall and manage to get over. Often within minutes, border officers quickly arrive to escort them to detention centers and begin “credible fear” interviews.

Over two nights last week, Associated Press journalists saw more than a dozen migrants taking the risk. A woman wearing a blue-beaded rosary waited with her children to see where they could cross. A Salvadoran migrant hid as he dug a hole in the sand under the wall. In the dark of night, migrants could be seen walking up a hill inside U.S. territory toward agents waiting to detain them.

The Central American migrants are relentless and they must be stopped.

A 19-year-old pregnant Honduran migrant scaled the border wall and gave birth to her anchor baby 24 hours later.

Watch migrants illegally cross under the border wall and stuff their kids under the fence too:

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