Hillary Clinton Snubs First Lady Melania at Bush Funeral (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton looked bitter and angry as President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump entered George Bush Sr.’s funeral at the National Cathedral Wednesday.

The Trumps shook hands with Barack and Michelle Obama but when First Lady Melania leaned forward to shake hands with and greet the Clintons, Hillary gave her the cold shoulder.

Bill Clinton was welcoming and shook Melania’s hand but Hillary Clinton snubbed the First Lady – she didn’t lean forward to shake her hand nor did she even give her a smile. Hillary just nodded with a scowl on her face.

In contrast, when George W. Bush walked in, Hillary Clinton stood up, smiled and shook his hand.


Hillary is jealous of Melania Trump’s beauty – she had that same scowl on her face during Donald Trump’s inauguration when she caught her husband Bill admiring Melania’s beauty.

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