Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Admits She Is “Not a Person of Color”

On Friday, fake Indian Elizabeth Warren admitted she is “not a person of color,” despite claiming for decades to be Native American in order to advance her career.

When pandering speaking at Morgan State University, a historically black institution, Warren showed her white guilt and admitted she is indeed white.

“As a country, we need to stop pretending that the same doors open for everyone, because they don’t. I’m not a person of color. And I haven’t lived your life or experienced anything like the subtle prejudice, or more overt harm, that you may have experienced just because of the color of your skin,” Warren said during a commencement speech.

Elizabeth Warren claimed she was a minority “Native American” to get ahead in her career.

Warren made up all kinds of elaborate stories in an effort to bolster her claims she is Native American.

The Massachusetts Senator even claimed her parents had to elope because her father’s parents were racist and didn’t approve of their son’s Cherokee girlfriend.

Senator Warren also previously claimed her Pawpaw’s high cheekbones were proof she is of Native American descent.

In 1996 the Harvard Crimson identified Elizabeth Warren as a woman of color and Native American.

In 1998 Harvard bragged Elizabeth Warren, “who is Native American”, was their only minority tenured woman on staff.

A 1997 article in the Fordham Law Review described Warren as a Harvard law school’s “first woman of color.”

In October, Elizabeth Warren released a DNA study that claimed she is 1/1,024th Native American.

Now all of a sudden she’s a white lady who doesn’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against. 

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