BREAKING: Partial Government Shutdown Will Begin at Midnight

A partial government shutdown at midnight ET is a sure thing since the House has adjourned until noon Saturday.

The Senate got to work just after noon on Friday to vote on a bill that passed the House Thursday night 217-185 which included $5 billion in border wall funding.

McConnell rejected using the nuclear option to pass the bill with 51 votes because he didn’t have enough support to change the Senate rule which currently requires 60 votes.

The Senate advanced the vote to the floor Friday evening, however negotiations on a new package including all seven appropriations bills is still ongoing.

President Trump dug in his heels and refused to sign the bill unless it give him the border wall funding he asked for.

Earlier Friday, the President blamed the Democrats for the impending shut down in a tweet.

Negotiations continue behind the scenes.

McConnell told reporters as he was leaving the Capitol that constructive talks are under way.

Senator Flake said: The House bill is dead and the agreement we have, is that the reason we wanted it to proceed is to keep the vehicle alive for negotiations.

This story is developing…please refresh page for updates.

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