DEEP STATE DON’T PLAY: DOJ Charges Flynn “Business Associates” with Illegally Lobbying — ONE DAY Before Mike Flynn’s Court Date

On Tuesday morning General Michael Flynn will be sentenced due to his guilty plea to charges of lying to the Deep State in a set-up by Obama FBI officials intent on destroying his career and reputation.

The Deep State case against General Flynn is imploding.

Recent developments this week in the ongoing Mueller witch hunt reveals an organization lacking any morals and steeped in corruption.

The entire Mueller gang is corrupt and should be under investigation. Instead they are running amok investigating the President and anyone near him for any semblance of a crime. They all have conflicts of interest and were huge supporters of Hillary Clinton and even represented her in court.


Mueller’s Spcecial Counsel team of 13 angry Democrats scrubbed Peter Strzok’s phone and then turned it over to the Office of Inspector General investigators AFTER Peter Strzok was fired from the special counsel.

Peter Strzok was fired from the Special Counsel after text messages surfaced showing that he had a strong hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters.

Peter Strzok was reassigned in the summer of 2017 to the FBI’s human resource department after his dismissal from the Mueller witch hunt in July 2017.

His lover Lisa Page reportedly resigned from the FBI in May 2018 – and was removed from Special Counsel on July 15th, 2017.  She was fired  two weeks before Strzok was fired from the special counsel.

Lisa Page’s phone was scrubbed and not turned over to OIG until September 2018.

Via The Donald page on Reddit:

Strzok’s anti-Trump lover Lisa Page’s phone was also scrubbed clean.

The only known 302 report provided by Robert Mueller to Judge Emmet Sullivan last week was a report created on July 19, 2017, six months after the setup of Flynn by FBI agents in the White House in January.

Attorney Sidney Powell argued on Sunday that recent facts revealed that Robert Mueller has destroyed evidence and obstructed justice in the Michael Flynn case.

POLL: Should Trump Declassify The FISA Documents?

On Monday the Deep State retaliated against General Flynn. They are DETERMINED to finish off Mike Flynn.

The Department of Justice charged two “Flynn associates” with alleged conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government and other charges.

The Deep State made sure these charges would be announced and linked to General Flynn ONE DAY before a federal judge will sentence the former Trump official for lying to the FBI.

They held on to the charges until today.
Deep State don’t play.

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