Daily Reminder: 65 Countries Have Border Walls and So Does Nancy Pelosi’s Backyard

Border Security for me but NOT for thee…

House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters in early December that she will reject ANY AND ALL funding for Trump’s border wall.

Fox News Congress reporter Chad Pergram asked Pelosi, “Would you be willing support some degree of wall funding if you got a permanent bona fide solution on DACA?”

Pelosi quickly shot back without skipping a beat, “No, it’s immoral.”


According to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet. there are 65 completed or under construction border walls in the world today.

At least one-third of the world’s nations have border walls or barriers with their neighbors.

Pelosi believes this is immoral.
Tell that to Israel, Hungary, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, etc.

Border Walls — Daily Mail

And Nancy Pelosi has a wall around the backyard at her home in San Francisco.

No hypocrisy here!

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