PASSIONATE Climate Change ‘Expert’ and Professor Beats, Chokes Fiancée – Drags Her Across Apartment by Hair

Woman beater Aaron Herbert Doering

Aaron Herbert Doering, a 47-year-old well known climate change ‘expert’ and tenured professor at University of Minnesota was arrested after he brutally assaulted his fiancée.

Doering’s fiancée told police she feared for her life after Doering brutally beat and choked her then dragged her across their shared apartment by her hair Wednesday evening.

According to the court document, the victim believes Doering “will kill her if he returns to the apartment.”

Doering was charged on Thursday with one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation, The Star Tribune reported.

Via the Star Tribune:

When po­lice ap­proach­ed the door, they heard a man and woman ar­gu­ing in­side. Upon en­ter­ing, of­fic­ers sepa­rat­ed Doer­ing and his fiancé, who had red marks on her fore­head and bruis­ing in the shape of fin­gers on one side of her neck.

The woman told auth­ori­ties that dur­ing the course of an argument, Doer­ing had grabbed her by the hair and dragged her through­ the a­part­ment. He later beat and choked her un­til she was un­a­ble to breathe and felt as if she’d lose consciousnesses, court records show.

She alleged it was not the first time Doer­ing had phys­i­cal­ly as­sault­ed her and pro­vid­ed pic­tures docu­ment­ing pri­or in­ju­ries. “Vic­tim be­lieves [Doer­ing] will kill her if he re­turns to the a­part­ment,” ac­cord­ing to the crim­i­nal com­plaint.

The University of Minnesota is in no rush to fire this violent woman beater.

A University spokeswoman said Thursday that Doering is still employed and that the school is ‘looking into the matter.’

Aaron Doering was charged with one count of domestic assault by strangulation Hennepin County Attorney announced on Friday.

Doering made his first appearance in court Friday afternoon and his bail was set at $30,000 without conditions, or $5,000 with conditions, which include no contact with the victim, no use of alcohol or non-prescribed medication, random testing, no possession of firearms (judge ordered Doering to relinquish all firearms), and domestic abuse no contact order.

Aaron Doering also served as a fellow for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and routinely appeared on various media outlets to discuss the climate change hoax.

Now we find out he’s a violent woman beater who nearly killed his fiancee. Just wonderful.

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