Caravan Migrants Back Down From Storming Border – Say They Were Lied to by “Leaders” About Entering US (VIDEO)

Caravan migrants in Tijuana; photo via Wendy Fry

Honduran caravan migrants camping out the Benito Juarez sports complex in Tijuana backed down from marching and storming the US border on Saturday after reports surfaced they were planning an encore to last weekend’s violent attacks and efforts to cross the border.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras, one of the main caravan organizers, promised the migrants they would easily be able to claim asylum and live off the largess of the American taxpayer.

According to Wendy Fry, a reporter in Tijuana, the migrants are angry and say they were lied to by caravan organizers about getting into the US.


Obama is no longer President – there’s a new sheriff in town – President Trump is fighting like hell to keep these caravans from entering the US.

The Hondurans are not happy.

“This woman Sonia Díaz Vargas is telling people not to march. She says its dangerous for the children and some dishonest people are lying to these people that they will get into the United States,” Wendy Fry said.

“It appears as if the majority of the caravan remaining at Benito Juarez are not willing to march today. Many are saying they’re frustrated they’ve been lied to about getting into the United States. One woman was saying it’s unconscionable “the leaders” would lie to hungry people,” Wendy Fry said in a video she posted to her Twitter account.


Heavy rains moved through the region on Thursday and turned the camp site into a mud pit.

Thousands of Honduran migrants are suffering from health-related issues such as the flu, chickenpox, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Unsanitary conditions with the 35 portable restrooms have caused a Hepatitis outbreak scare as well.

On Friday, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum called for the arrest of the organizers of the Central American illegal migrant caravans.

Illegal migrant organizers have put the vulnerable in danger with their lies and deception – they forced women and children to the front of the protest last weekend and then started hurling rocks at US border agents.

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