BREAKING—> TRUMP Border Wall GoFundMe Page Passes $10 Million in 4 Days After Brian Kolfage Goes on with Laura Ingraham (VIDEO)

A Florida-based triple amputee veteran created a GoFundMe push to fund President Trump’s border wall through donations from the public.

The campaign was launched on Sunday night.

Brian Kolfage, who launched the GoFundMe, is also an active free speech advocate who has spoken against censorship on digital media platforms.

Kolfage promises that he will make sure the United States government will be legally required to spend the donations on the wall and only the wall.


The GoFundMe page passed $1 million in donations on Wednesday afternoon.

It was at $500K on Wednesday morning.

** On Thursday afternoon the GoFundMe page for the wall passed $3.3 Million 7.2 million dollars $8.1 million — with 118,542 donors!

UPDATE—   On Thursday night Brian Kolfage went on FOX News with Laura Ingraham.

After his segment the Build the Wall campaign topped $10 million.

UPDATE— Brian included a mailing address today for those who would rather send checks.

— This is despite the GoFundMe page being censored.

Brian Kolfage, the triple amputee Air Force veteran who is behind the #GoFundTheWall effort on GoFundMe, told The Gateway Pundit that he believes the crowdfunding site has begun censoring the fund to build the wall along our southern border.

“GoFundMe removed our Trump Wall campaign from their top list. We are the top fundraiser right now and they removed it from the list. We were front and center on their homepage. Do they not want us to succeed?

Why are they suppressing us? Just like Facebook & Twitter have done, now GoFundme?

NOTE: They haven’t stopped us from fundraising. They just made it difficult for people to find us.”


Donate directly to the campaign by clicking here or sharing this link…

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