BREAKING: Flynn Sentencing POSTPONED – Status Report Due March 13

General Michael Flynn and his wife arrived Tuesday morning at the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse for his sentencing at 11:00 AM.

Judge Sullivan offered Flynn several times to postpone the sentencing and to give him the opportunity to withdraw his guilty plea.

The court took a 30 minutes recess and when Flynn returned, his lawyers announced they will take the judge’s offer to postpone the sentencing.

A joint status report is due in 90 days – March 13th.


General Flynn backed off from his theory that he was entrapped by the FBI and forced into a guilty plea earlier Tuesday morning.

Mueller’s prosecutor Brandon Van Grack told Judge Sullivan Tuesday that the Special Counsel was going to indict Flynn on the Turkish lobbying case unless he cooperated.

Judge Sullivan then said to General Flynn of the charges against him that he ‘arguably sold his country out.’

Sullivan offered Flynn several chances to postpone and said he had “concerns” based on Flynn’s pre-sentencing filing. ”I cannot recall any incident in which the court has accepted a plea of guilty from someone who maintained he was not guilty and I don’t intend to start today.”

Flynn’s lawyer said he expects Flynn to testify in the Turkish lobbying case that was unsealed Monday.

According to Sara Carter, who was present in the courtroom Tuesday morning, Judge Sullivan has more questions about the Special Counsel’s and FBI conduct.

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