Video: Trump Supporting Immigrant Uber Driver’s Job Threatened by Two Crazed White Democrat Women Over Election Day Argument

Life in the Smartphone Era: Every perceived slight will be blown up into a national crisis with the accused being shamed and fired by liberals.

Today’s example: A Trump supporting immigrant Uber driver who says he is an American citizen argued politics with two liberal women on Tuesday as he drove them to the campaign office of Democrat Congressional candidate Harley Rouda who is running against incumbent Rep. Dana Rohbacher (R) in California’s 48th Congressional District. The women, Tara Strong and Rena Sofer, both in the Hollywood entertainment industry, were going to help out Rouda by making election day get out the vote phone bank calls.

The white Democrat women did not like being disagreed with by the immigrant man driver so they went nuts on him and are trying to get him fired.

Such sweet looking women who turn into venomous (w)itches when encountering a contrary opinion.

Tara Strong posted video of the two women arguing and exchanging insults with the Uber driver over politics. Strong is trying to get the driver fired, “Dear your driver almost killed & I because we are Democrats. He asked what we were doing & proceeded to scream & yell at us & say we were evil racist demon crazy lefties. We told him we wanted to get out & he began driving erratically. We video taped his abuse”

Strong says has has video taken before this where the driver is mean or something, “You missed the first seven minutes. Don’t worry, I have it.”

Strong then complained to President Trump, “Hey 1 of your crazy sycophant followers, an driver almost killed & when he found out we’re Democrats. He shouted your vile hatred that paid for the & that is a mental disorder,his neighbor told him so too”

Uber support chimed in, “We absolutely want to take a closer look. Please send us a DM with your email address so we can follow up.”

Strong claims this is a “safety issue” not political, “Hey Laura, this is a safety issue, not a political one. I pray you never feel as unsafe as we did for the 15 min of abuse we took. I have it all on video.”

The world is waiting for the entire video.

Meanwhile a Trump supporting male immigrant who became a U.S. citizen will likely be fired by the end of the day for daring to disagree with white liberal women.

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