Thanksgiving 2018: ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Receives Backlash For “Racist” Scene

ABC aired ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Wednesday evening, a classic cartoon many Americans tune into every year, but this year many viewers were triggered by a “racist” scene.

The ‘controversial’ scene shows Charlie Brown hosting a ‘Friendsgiving’ after Peppermint Patty invites herself and the gang over to his house.

The Peanuts gang eats their meal in the backyard and the seating arrangement of the characters lit social media ablaze with claims of racism.

Franklin, the only black friend is sitting alone on a folding chair which caused a huge backlash from viewers.


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired in 1973, nearly a decade after the 1964 civil rights act was signed.

Charlie Schulz added Franklin to the Peanuts gang in 1968 after a teacher wrote to Schulz requesting he add a black character to the comic strip to help ease racial tensions in America.

Reaction from upset viewers:

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