Ted Malloch: What Happened to CNN?

Guest: Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen & Yale

Atlanta was a quaint Southern town, but it was metamorphosing into something very different and more impressive by 1992 when I was first engaged with CNN.

They were getting cosmopolitan and downright worldly.


They had won the Olympic bid scheduled for 1996 (secured by Andrew Young at—you guessed it—Davos).

Segregation was over and grits were hard to find.

One company had come to personify the newfound swagger and embodied the spirit of the New South.

That company started as a small-fry radio station with a big signal and had grown into the powerhouse and the most-watched network on cable television.

Its format was unheard-of: All News, All the Time.

Boy, has that changed!

After the Gulf War, Ted Turner, their cocky CEO and founder, bragged that he had won.

CNN represented raw media power, as it had never been witnessed before.

When you met Turner, the smile, the pencil moustache, and the ability to speak his mind, he instantly mesmerized you.

I went to dinner a few times with him and (Hanoi) Jane Fonda, who looked far younger than her age and had lots of plastic all over her body, to boot.

In their upscale Bugatti restaurant we had bison steaks and talked about his growing empire—worldwide.

Turner could get mad as hell and was even known to throw phones, but when he wanted something, he went after it like an untamed Georgia bulldog.

He invited me to a Braves game and we sat in the dugout, and when Chipper Jones hit a home run to win the game, they brought him the ball and he gave it to me.

Tom Johnson ran CNN, and he was a senior TV journalist who had been Lyndon Johnson’s press secretary. He was a class act and a real journalist. He was also mentally ill, as he later divulged in a most honest account of manic depression.

He knew his way around Washington but was often hidden away as if he were battling something.

It turns out he was—his own deep depression.

My main point of contact at CNN was the colorful and ego-driven, Lou Dobbs. His star was ascending, and he wanted Ted to make him president of CNNfn.

He was, in other words, as Lou often does, posturing.

He thought a lot of himself, and his people in New York at the offices across from Penn Station were both afraid of him and yet oddly devoted to him.

I was never sure which came first. I liked Lou a lot and he was a good head.

He eventually left because he couldn’t take CNN anymore and went to god forbid, FOX.

CNN became a powerful media company with a large international footprint and it did legitimate journalism. It was basically honest and fair. It was respected.

Then something happened.

In the Bush ‘43 years and leading up to the CNN-anointed Obama monarchy, the network literally stopped doing journalism and started becoming an activist political agitator.

When Jeff Zucker, a total hack, took over as CEO, they bent all the way.

They adored Obama and fawned all over him like sycophants.

He could do NO wrong—even if he accomplished little and became an apologist against America.

By the time Trump appeared on the scene, CNN was a full-scale, trenchant leftist company with only one dominant point of view.

It was a propaganda machine for the most left-leaning Democrats.

Trump was a ‘character’ they covered, mocked, and who helped them raise their dismal ratings but was not to be taken seriously.

After all, he couldn’t win, anyway!

But he did.

Now they were not just perplexed but absolutely irate and sought to destroy him, immediately.

They wanted nothing more than to delegitimize his voters as “deplorable” or “deranged” and Trump, himself.

Their ‘Fake News’ came to be the very definition of what has become (less than) journalism in America.

It isn’t even fact-founded opinion.

It is more like the ideological attacks one finds in Europe where the press is not seen as an unbiased, fourth estate but as a political actor with a sharp ideological agenda to grind.

Objective surveys done at Harvard show that CNN coverage of Donald Trump and his Administration has been 93 per cent negative.

Is that just a slight bias or is it more deceitful?

CNN is now the mantle and epicenter of all Trump-hating and a defacto professional progressive opposition party.

Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent, is in a league of his own.

He thinks he is debating with the White House and running for office.

His rude behavior, castigating, smug attitude, and defamation-violent behavior finally caught up with him when he pushed a young intern at a recent briefing. It cost him his credentials, which was long overdue.

Anchors like Chris Cuomo (son of the late Dem NY Governor and brother of present NY Governor, which presents NO conflict) are a literal joke. “Let’s get after it” is his tagline.

Really? It is certainly, not the truth.

CNN talk show panels are so slanted and one-sided, they don’t even warrant comment. They are laughable and disgusting diatribes.

Why would anyone bother to watch them?

Uneducated Don Lemon is a reverse racist who makes slurs (all white men are terrorists) instead of reporting.

This is News?

Anderson Cooper is a rather pathetic pawn for the LBGTQ cultural and social justice warriors.

Jake the Fake Tapper is hardly “Leading” on anything and as one White House official put it, after appearing on his show said, “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

This is not mere partisanship; it is just one thing: blatant propaganda.

CNN has become the Pravda of the Socialist Left.

With shoddy reporting, lies that make Pinocchio look like he has a small nose, and inaccuracies that fill directories, this is news?

It is nothing but hatred which is driving the country apart based on identity politics.

CNN has become TOXIC.

There should be a health warning labeling that the channel is bad for consumption.

Becky Anderson, their Middle East crony, who falls in line with the Al-Jazeera line more or less, once asked me on her show, “Connect the World,” in all seriousness, and I quote, “Don’t you think the WHOLE world should vote in American elections?”

She actually thought they should!

By the way, she is British but lives in Abu Dhabi, which she just adores.

The CNN worldview is patently globalist, far Leftist and increasingly, super sanctimonious.

They are a case study in “virtue signaling.”

The use of profanity, lewdness, anger, racism, scatology and threats, pervades their airwaves.

They have said they want to kill the President, decapitate him, and crash his jet.

This is what happened to CNN.

They have become the “enemy of the people.”

I can only suggest you don’t watch them, support them or buy any products they advertise.

Maybe as a result they will die, go away or simply go broke.

Let’s hope so.

To help you here are the top brands advertising on CNN, according to Ad Week by rank order of dollars spent:

Atlantis Paradise Island

Davos, Aspen & Yale by Ted Malloch

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