Ted Malloch Is Interviewed on Trump’s Foreign Policy

Author and professor Ted Malloch spoke with Alex Marlow on the Breitbart Channel on SiriusXM this week.

Malloch discussed President Trump’s impressive foreign policy.
President Trump traveled to Argentina this weekend for the G20.

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“It was an incredible undertaking,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “A fabulous opportunity, to be optimistic about it. And Trump has done brilliantly.”

’We all long remember the sword dancing in Saudi Arabia, and, of course, the agreements that were reached there that have helped to turn the tide on Islamic terrorism and unite the Sunni world on our side.”

“This G-20 trip is equally weighty with side meetings galore, including China’s, Xi but noticeably, NOT Putin,”

“He had a very profitable time in Israel when he went there recall” Malloch continued. “I don’t think that surprised anyone. He also fulfilled his pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.”

“I do believe that transactionally, he believes he’s up to the huge responsibility of trying to bring some peace and accord to all parts of the world.”

“Trump wants peace and delivers on it, that is a headline the MSM will never print! Look at how they treated his successful trip to Singapore to meet the North Koreans.”

“Trump never gets credit, only blame, according to the left wing CNN, WaPo and NYTimes.”

Malloch described President Trump’s interaction with European leaders as “most interesting, if not downright controversial, because he basically reads them the riot act every time and tells them that they have to pay, in the future, for their own security – something they’ve been remiss to do and certainly have put off, if not for years, then for decades.”

“His visit to Brussels last year was probably the most awkward,” Malloch said. “I wish I could have been at the lunch with him and Ministers Tusk and Juncker, where I’m sure they had a conversation about European integration – or the hope for European disintegration.”

“Trump’s foreign policy is unbelievable in terms of ambition. “ Malloch suggested. “It also firmly puts America for for a change. There are no apologies, either.”

Trump, “also seems to enjoy a chance to get away from Washington and all the constant fever that surrounds the swirl of news, or fake news, that tries to constantly castigate him – or, as the Europeans say, hopefully impeach him soon,” he said.

Marlow asked if European leaders have fully accepted and processed the reality of Trump’s presidency yet.

“I suspect it’s a lot like the far left in the United States – and the EU is composed largely of socialists and people on the left wing who are in power; they’ve decided to deny Trump his presidency, to make it as difficult as possible for him to accomplish anything and to hate him both in public and to laugh about him in private,” Malloch replied.

“They try to destroy anything and anyone attached to him and
In fact, one of the headlines – two of the headlines in European newspapers recently were that yours truly is the person that Europeans should fear most. Well, I take that with a degree of honor,” Malloch said.

“The second, the chairman of the European Parliament and some of the political hard left forces there wrote a letter to the European Council president saying that if I were ever appointed, I should be made persona non grata, that I would not be welcome in Brussels because I would damage their political union. Well, it’s a great deal of faith in what I’m able to accomplish, but what they’re really afraid of is the Donald Trump presidency,” he said.

Malloch assessed the populist-nationalist movement in Europe as a “growing and swelling percentage of the population in almost all European countries.”

“It cannot be taken lightly and rules in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech, and Poland. It is on the rise nearly everywhere after Brexit opened the flood gate — from India to Brazil!”

“I jokingly or half-jokingly say if you put any two letters in front of the word ‘exit,’ you have the possibility of a European country leaving the European Union.”

“It’s that strong and potent a political force,” Malloch said.

“In the Netherlands, of course, Geert Wilders’ party came in second but did extraordinarily well in that recent election for a new government in the Netherlands,” he noted.

“Le Pen did not get to the 40 per cent level, but she reached 35 per cent, which is unprecedented in France. There’s a strong political party behind her.”

“And now globalist Macron is crashing with approval levels in the low 20s.”

In Italy, where Malloch recently addressed a parliament body, he foresaw “a constellation of centre-right and populist forces that came together in Italian politics – in order to defeat the socialist Left-leaning Democrat party of Renzi.”

“The forces in Europe, I think, are more and more clearly either aligned to go more toward the Pan-European direction, integrating all of European activity and sovereignty in Brussels, having a Western European army – and on the other side, it may be half the population saying, ‘No, thanks, we’ve had enough. We don’t want any more of that. We either want to leave the Euro as a currency, or we want to leave the European Union, or at best, we want to take our countries and borders back,’” he said.

“In my speech in Italy, I used a couple of great lines from Machiavelli,” he recalled. “I also quoted from the Rocky movie and told them that Italian pride does not mean just running up the art museum steps in Philadelphia. It got quite a large ovation. There is lots of pent up civic pride — everywhere in Europe.”

“This swelling of European national pride, I think, is something that is visceral and real. It’s growing, and hopefully we’ll see its political manifestation over the next number of years,” Malloch concluded.

Malloch finally “predicted a large swing toward more conservative, nationalist and populist parties in the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections.”

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