Strong Earthquakes (7.0., 5.8) Hit Anchorage, Alaska, Reports of Cracked Roads, Collapsed Bridges

Anchorage, Alaska was hit by a series of earthquakes Friday morning. A 7.0 earthquake was followed by aftershocks of 5.8, 4.1, 4.3 and 4.6. with depths of around 20 miles according to the USGS. A tsunami warning was issued for the Alaska coast.

Josh Bierma in Anchorage posted photos and video:

Video of the road damage shows cracks extending far from the collapsed roadway:

Former storm chaser David Ruffini in Wasilla reported, “Thank you! Everything is ok. Saved the fish tanks as cabinets exploded. Bridges collapses in Anchorage, cracked roads and all power is out. Pretty intense. Waiting on possible tsunami as I’m close to inlet.”

Anita From Alaska from Inostranka posted, “I managed to survive. Lots of aftershocks. Lots of things broken. No power. Cracks in roadways and buildings. Another day in Alaska”…”In 35 years that was the worst. I actually got under my desk and held on. Lots of things falling off desks, shelves, walls. Whole southside of town is without power. A big sink hole on one road and bridge collapse. And lots of aftershocks.”

Tsunami warnings:

More reports of damage, “Yep, bridge collapse at Minnesota and mirror lake. Rockslide on the Seward highway. Fires on Eastside and Dimond and flooding at the jail. Both highways are shut down.”

“A friend of mine is on the Glenn Hwy trying to get home to Eagle River, the epicenter. She’s reporting a bridge collapse and road damage, traffic is at a standstill.

Cassie Schirm with KTVA-TV posted photo showing the newsroom wrecked by the earthquake.

Video of quake from inside a courtroom:

Video of TV studio:

Video from inside a school:

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