Stephen Colbert Says There’s No “Bullsh*t” Voter Fraud – But He’s Voting Via Sketchy PO Box Not in His Home District

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert who has previously mocked the idea of voter fraud by calling it “bullshit” on his program, The Late Show, has been voting in a different congressional district than the one where he lives.

Colbert, who lives at this posh mansion located in Montclair, NJ is a resident of the Tenth Congressional District in New Jersey, a heavily Democrat district that includes the City of Newark and hasn’t had a serious contest for Congress in decades.

But Colbert is registered to vote at this “shipping and stationery store” in Upper Montclair — 551 Valley Road, PMB 156 — part of the Eleventh Congressional District which is one of the top battleground races of 2018.

As a resident of 77 Upper Mountain Avenue, Colbert lives in Montclair’s Ward 2, District 10 and should be voting at Hillside Elementary School on Orange Road.


But instead, he says he resides in “Postal Mailbox 156” at 551 Valley Road and has been casting votes at Buzz Aldrin Middle School on Bellevue Avenue.

Online records don’t indicate when Colbert registered at the mail drop, but he appears to have been voting in New Jersey for at least 10 years.

But Stephen Colbert isn’t the only Colbert to be improperly registered. His wife is also registered at 551 Valley Road and may have been registered there as early as April 4, 2001. She doesn’t list a Postal Mailbox number. And again, her registration preceded the redistricting of the town into two congressional districts in 2011.

However, their son, Peter Colbert registered to vote at 551 Valley Road on June 7, 2016 again not listing a Postal Mailbox number but with full knowledge that the votes he would cast for Ward councilman and for United States Congressman would be improper.

Colbert and others like him (there are at least 20 people registered at the location) who deny the existence of voter fraud and rail against voter integrity measures like voter ID, not only cancel the votes of others who do follow the law but they thwart the will of the people of New Jersey and the efforts of the decennial redistricting commission to draw equal congressional districts.

Update– This is interesting.

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