PBS Hack Yamiche Alcindor Who Asked President Trump ‘Racist’ Question Later Spread Racist Conspiracy Theory on Twitter

The liberal media escalated their abusive insults against this president on Wednesday.

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor accused President Trump of being the leader of the White Nationalist party.

Trump called her out — and then he called her a racist!

Yamiche Alcindor: On the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw it as emboldening white nationalists.

President Trump: I don’t know why you are saying that. Such a racist…

Yamiche Alcindor: There are some people that say now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric. What do you think of that.

President Trump: Why do I have the highest numbers with African Americans… You’re a racist.

And THAT is exactly what liberal hacks like Alcindor thinks of Republican voters.


But Yamiche Alcindor was not through with her racist attacks on the president.

After the press conference Alcindor tweeted out a photo of a white nationalist she said was at the White House on Wednesday.

Liberals on Twitter said Wednesday that Patrick Casey, executive director of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, was invited to the White House after he tweeted photos of himself in front of the building’s south front the day after the midterm elections.

Casey’s tweet gained traction after Alcindor tweeted it out after accusing the president of supporter white nationalism.


The White House later clarified the photos saying: Patrick Casey “was one of more than twenty-five thousand people who came to the White House Fall Garden Tour, which is open to the public. Free tickets are made available to anyone who wants to attend.”

So it was the second time in one day that Yamiche Alcindor accused the Trump White House of being sympathetic to white nationalists.
How awful.

It makes you wonder why taxpayer dollars are still supporting these awful conspiracy theorists.

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