Oregon Polling Station Tells Voters to Drop Off Their Ballots in Book Drop — The Library will Open at Noon! (VIDEO)

Voter Drop Box… No ID required!

From reader Pam…

I just (proudly) went out to vote at my local Multnomah County library. The library is on 79th and Holgate.


As this is my local polling place I was very upset to see a sign on the wall that said:

“The library is closed. Please put your ballots in the book drop”

Well at least they posted a tweet.

Lines of people were dropping their ballots into the slot (along with their books) after being ‘momentarily’ stymied. All but me dropped off their ballots anyways. I just could not get over the fact that this just did not seem right to me at all

I would be curious to find out whether this is legal. I have seen how torn up books can be after dumping them into the return and can only wonder what the heck kind of mess was behind that slot. I question who is picking up the mess made and are they ‘certified’ voting personnel. I did not feel comfortable voting in this manner, Multnomah County or not!

I came home to dash off this note and I am going out to find a decent place to vote.

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