Midterm 2018 – IOWA House: David Young (R) In Neck And Neck Race With Cindy Axne (D)

Iowa’s 3rd congressional district is locked in a tight race for the midterms next Tuesday and right now it’s not looking great for Republican David Young. Democrat Cindy Axne has taken a slight lead.

Newsmax reports:

Democrat Leads Rep. Young in Iowa-3 Shocker

In what was clearly one of the most shocking polls to come out of Iowa this year, a New York Times/Siena College survey released over the weekend showed Democrat Cindy Axne leading Republican Rep. David Young by 43 to 41 percent in the Des Moines-based 3rd District.

The results were particularly surprising, local sources told Newsmax, because Axne, co-owner of a digital company and first-time candidate, had been expected to lose the Democratic primary this summer. But then the expected nominee was forced to drop out at the last minute and, with help from EMILY’s List and other left-of-center groups, Axne emerged as a top contender.

Of Axne’s front-runner status in the polls, Des Moines attorney Patrick Hopkins, an interested observer in Hawkeye State politics, told Newsmax “this probably reflects that she is spending heavily on television—much more so than Young. What is notable about this race is that she has spent a boatload of money to date and it doesn’t look as though it is abating in any way.” (Axne has repeatedly insisted she is not accepting money from corporate political action committees).

The 3rd District includes Polk County (Des Moines), which is heavily Democratic and fifteen other counties — all of which except Pottawamie (Council Bluffs) are strongly Republican.

Real Clear Politics calls this race a toss up and gives Axne only a 1.5 point advantage, making this a statistical tie. David Young can make up the difference with a strong turnout by conservative voters.

Come on, Iowa!

Vote for Young!



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