Matt Gaetz: Broward County Refused GOP Court Orders to Inspect Elections HQ — While They Allowed Democrats Inside (VIDEO)

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Re. Matt Gaetz was the hero of Broward County this past weekend despite representing northwest Florida.
Gaetz stood with the voters of Florida and joined the protests outside of the Broward County Elections headquarters.

Rep. Gaetz was there from Saturday afternoon well into the evening.

On Saturday Matt Gaetz called on Governor Rick Scott to remove corrupt Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes after her attempt to steal the Florida Senate and governorship from Republicans.

Governor Rick Scott went from a 80,000 vote lead on Election Day to only 12,562 vote lead on Saturday. The Broward and Palm Beach county elections officials had manufactured enough ballots to cut his lead in the Florida senate race by nearly 70,000 votes.

** On Saturday night Broward County Police removed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) from filming county officials secretly moving boxes in and out of Broward County election offices.

On Wednesday Matt Gaetz told Lou Dobbs the officials refused to allow him to enter the elections headquarters even after he obtained a court order to inspect the premises.

Matt Gaetz: When I showed up with a court order giving the Rick Scott team the ability to inspect what the world they were doing they didn’t let us behind the gates. They allowed Democrats back and forth but they excluded Republicans with court orders from being able to conduct legal oversight to make sure there were no shenanigans.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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