MARCO RUBIO: Voter Finds Two ‘Provisional Ballot Boxes’ Unattended in Broward County (VIDEO)

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) brought attention to what appears to be boxes full of provisional ballots that are not being handled in accordance with the law.

A citizen found two unattended boxes marked “provisional ballot box” in the Tamarac Lakes Community Center.

The citizen called the Broward County Sheriff’s Office after finding the unattended boxes.

The Floridian Press reported:


The controversy surrounding unaccounted for ballots in Broward continues as provisional ballots were found unattended in a the Tamarac Lakes Community Center.

Upon finding them Saturday night, a citizen called the Broward Sheriff’s Office after finding election equipment and two locked boxes marked “Provisional Ballot Box.”

Lt. Ulvang was notified, and Dep. Sammarco and Sgt. Rivera are presently on the scene.

Sgt. Chenoweth of the Broward Sheriff’s Office spoke to Javier Manjarres of the Floridian and told him that he was there to investigate and secure the scene. After the BSO concluded their investigation, The Floridian was allowed to enter and document the voting equipment and the provisional ballots that were left.

Senator Rubio posted video and photos of the unattended ballot boxes to his Twitter account Saturday morning.

RUBIO: I don’t know what’s in this sealed box found this morning by #BrowardSheriff. But this dysfunction in #BrowardElections is not acceptable.

At a minimum it undermines public trust in the election & creates opportunity for mischief.

Maybe this box found this morning has office supplies in it. But if it contains just a single vote, it should have been handled in accordance with the law, NO MATTER WHO IT WAS A VOTE FOR.


More photos via Senator Rubio:

Why aren’t the US Marshals being deployed to Broward and Palm Beach Counties to seize all ballots?

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes refused to comply with a judge’s order on Friday evening and Palm Beach County election supervisor Susan Bucher was threatening to have journalists arrested if they filmed the public counting of ballots.


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