Hateful Liberal Identifies Herself After Creating FAKE Laura Loomer Twitter Account – WANTS $1,000!

Upcoming and prominent conservative journalist Laura Loomer was suspended from Twitter in late October before the 2018 midterm election.
Laura was  confronting Democrat candidates at their rallies at that time

Laura was notified without any warning. Twitter did not explain to her about what she did that caused her suspension.

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Trump break up the monopolies of the tech giants?

Laura told The Gateway Pundit at the time she was suspended for ONE WEEK until AFTER THE ELECTION.

On Wednesday, Laura Loomer was notified her account was shut down permanently.

Laura had 265,000 followers.

Laura posted a tweet about Muslim Democrat Ilhan Omar earlier this week.

Laura wrote: Isn’t it ironic how the twitter moment used to celebrate “women, LGBTQ, and minorities” is a picture of Ilhan Omar? Ilhan is pro-Sharia Ilhan is pro FGM. Under Sharia homosexuals are oppressed and killed. Women are abused and forced to wear the hijab. Ilhan is anti-Jewish.

And for that she was banned:

Now this…
Hateful liberals are creating FAKE Laura Loomer accounts in an attempt to make sure Laura Loomer is banned from Twitter for good.

This is just another example of how hateful liberals have become in America today.

The troll identified herself and wants $1,000 to free the Laura Loomer account.

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