Grassley Defends Trump: ‘I Don’t Recall Chief Roberts Attacking Obama When He Rebuked Alito During a SOTU’

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) came to President Trump’s defense Wednesday evening after Chief Justice Roberts scolded the president over his ‘Obama judge’ comment.

Grassley said what we are all thinking–where was Chief Justice Roberts’ rebuke of Obama when he attacked the Supreme Court during a State of the Union speech?

In January of 2010, Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s decision on campaign finance.

Watch Justice Alito shake his head and say “not true” as Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court:

GRASSLEY: Chief Justice Roberts rebuked Trump for a comment he made abt judge’s decision on asylum I don’t recall the Chief attacking Obama when that Prez rebuked Alito during a State of the Union

In a rare rebuke, Chief Justice John Roberts criticized President Trump over his remarks about the Obama-appointed judge Jon Tiger reversing his asylum policy.

On Tuesday, President Trump lashed out at the liberal activist ‘Obama judge’ in San Francisco who put his asylum policy on hold.

Trump addressed the asylum ruling: “This was an Obama judge. And I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

Chief Justice John Roberts, who was nominated by George W. Bush and voted in favor to uphold Obamacare, lashed out at Trump on Wednesday saying the U.S. doesn’t have “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”

President Trump responded to Chief Justice Roberts in a pair of tweets Wednesday afternoon.

It is nice to see Senator Grassley defend President Trump. Grassley is stepping down as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is set to Chair the very powerful Senate Finance Committee in January.

Grassley will be Senate Pro Tempore which makes him 3rd in line to be President of the United States.

Thank you, Senator Grassley!

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