GOP Congressional Candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. Sounds the Alarm: Republican Voters’ Ballots in CA Rejected For ‘Unmatched Signatures’

The Dems are up to their old tricks!

Antonio Sabato Jr., GOP Congressional candidate for district 26 in California sounded the alarm Monday and said his voters’ ballots were being rejected for “unmatched signatures.”

Mr. Sabato called this antic a “dirty Dem deed” and said “we will not be silenced.”

The Dems are desperate to win the midterms and they will do anything to take back power.

Antonio Sabato Jr.: We have been informed that many of our voters’ ballots were rejected for “unmatched signatures.” This is a blatant attempt by dems to suppress GOP votes. If you have had your ballot rejected in CA, reply to this tweet. We will not be silenced #dirtydemdeeds #VoteAntonio

Mr. Sabato said his campaign informed the Board of Electors Monday evening and told his voters to go to the polls Tuesday to vote.

Antonio Sabato Jr.: We have informed the Board of Electors and they are looking into the disputed ballots. If you have been rejected, go to the polls tomorrow and VOTE! Make your voice heard.#VoteRedSaveAmerica

Actor-turned-GOP-Congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. recently spoke about his policies in an interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“They [Dems] care more about everyone else but the people in this country, who make this country great and we are going to keep making it great,” Saboto told Gateway Pundit as he attended a Virginia Women for Trump event at the Trump International Hotel in DC. “They don’t inform the people of the truth. The lying media is controlling everything, but they don’t control the American people. We are proud to back our president. And I am going to get in Congress to help the people of Ventura county and make sure that we don’t become a sanctuary county.”

This reporter reached out to Antonio Sabato Jr. for comment and did not receive an immediate response.

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