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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Florida Officials Are Investigating Democrat Party for Fraud and Looking at How They Cheated and Tried to Steal Election

Guest post by Joe Hoft

These past few weeks Americans stood back and watched the Florida elections anxiously waiting for the ever-changing final tallies.

Something was amok, we all knew it but we couldn’t exactly put a finger on it.  Now, as the smoke clears, we know the Democrats attempted to steal the elections through fraudulent and sleazy tactics.

A former Communist Russian leader famously stated decades ago what has become a mantra on the left.

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

This year’s midterm elections were no exception.  Throughout the country there were reports of massive voter fraud.  In California, Democrats reportedly bribed people on skid row for their signatures to obtain votes.


This must have worked as all the US House seats in Orange County, California, which was traditionally a Republican hotbed, suddenly voted for Democrats.   What’s strange is over 40,000 more Democrats voted for the Democrat candidates in the Orange County Congressional races than voted for Democrat Gavin Newsom for governor.  Less than 500,000 Orange County voters voted for the Democrat governor but tens of thousands of more votes were counted for Democrat US House candidates. Strange?

On election day it was reported that Democrats won the US House of Representatives, taking it back from Paul Ryan’s Republicans.  But since election day Democrats have added at least 17 seats over Republican candidates who were winning on Election Day. 

In the Senate, in Montana Senator Jon Tester — who was behind on election day — had a huge haul overnight and won by 5 points.  In Arizona Taliban-supporting Marxist Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner a week after votes were cast after being behind on election night.  Also, in Florida Democrats discovered a secret stash of 83,000 votes after election day.  This left their candidate, Senator Bill Nelson, only down 12,000 votes a week or so after election day forcing a recount.

The question is not whether Democrats around the country cheated and committed voter fraud, the question is how did they do it?  They must have done more than pay people on skid row for their extra votes.

According to Legal Insurrection, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Office of Statewide Prosecution has opened up an investigation into the state’s Democratic Party over allegations of election fraud.

WCTV reported:

Evidence reported to the Department of State suggests a possible effort by Democrats to have voters fix ballots after the state’s deadline in at least four counties.

Cure forms for mail ballots sent to voters by the party show the return date changed from the day before the election to two days afterwards.

Democratic strategist Steve Schale says it was likely just a mix up.

“Some 23-year-old staffer probably got two dates mixed up,” said Schale. “They put the date down for the provisional ballot cure, not the absentee ballot cure, and actually by doing it, all they did was make it harder for their own voters to vote.”

It was no mix up.  The Democrats sued and won a challenge to extend the voter deadline. But this was after they mailed out the fraudulent ballots with the wrong due dates on them.  The Democrats were planning on having all these votes counted after the election deadline.

The bigger story is that Democrats in Florida somehow obtained a list of all absentee ballots that were ‘vote by mail’ with signature problems and contacted those people in hopes of having them provide their ballots so they could be counted in the election.

If Republicans were interested in not having elections stolen from them, they would fight for voter ID, and would put forth an effort to ensure better controls surround the vote by mail process around the country.

With no voter ID required, who knows who is mailing in ballots and ‘voting’ for Democrats.  It’s time for Republicans to wake up and ensure the integrity of future elections.



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