FIREWORKS! Chris Wallace Attacks Laura Ingraham After She Praises Trump for Adding Senate Seats (VIDEO)

What happened to FOX News?
Viewers were outraged last night when they called the House for Democrats while polls were still open on the West Coast.

And their panel last night was loaded with a group of Trump critics with the exception of Laura Ingraham.

At one point in their election coverage Laura Ingraham praised President Trump for adding Republican members to the Senate.

Chris Wallace did not like this.
He immediately attacked Ingraham.

Transcript via Alternet :

“This is one thing we do know, if the Republicans were not able to take the seats that they took tonight there would be a cavalcade of criticism on Donald Trump,” Ingraham said. “They would say, ‘It’s Trump’s fault, look he went to all these cities and he couldn’t turn the vote.’ I believe if Donald Trump hadn’t done that massive rally in Texas last week … I don’t know if Ted Cruz would have won.”

“The party is coming home to Trump. The party is unified,” Ingraham insisted. “That doesn’t mean they agree with everything he tweets or they like every position on immigration. I’m not saying that. I think most of the party realize if they are not aligned behind the basic principles of this conservative populist approach with Trump—not his tone necessarily, but his policies—you’re not going anywhere. By contrast, the Democrats are going home to more of an [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez party which I think in 2020 … that’s going to be a tough sell.”

“I don’t think that’s fair to say about the Democrats,” Wallace replied. “That’s a complete mischaracterization.”

“Laura, if you look at the Democrats who are winning across—“ Wallace began.

“They’re liberal,” Ingraham shot back.”

“It’s not because they went far left, it’s because they have women with intelligence or military credentials and there’s this character out there,” Wallace explained. “Let’s wait and see what the margin is and what their policies are and if you’re going to give the Republicans credit for holding on to the Senate, then I think you have to give Democrats credit for actually flipping the House.

Even after two years of amazing success these elitists still can’t give him any credit.

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