WILD! Gay Conservative Heckles-Rattles Barack Obama at Rally — “You Belong in Jail!!… You Belong in Jail!!” — Democrats Beat Him Up (VIDEO)

CFP Founder Jacob Engels called out former President Barack Obama… moments after an Afro-Cuban man exposed how Obama abandoned the BLACK-LATINO community at Obama’s rally in Tampa, Florida on Friday.

According to Big League Politics Jacob Engels, a fearless gay conservative, was forced to go undercover as a hipster to get inside the rally.

The first anti-Obama protester started screaming at Obama for failing the black and Latino communities in America!

When that died down Jacob Engels started screaming at Obama, “You belong in jail! You belong in jail!”

The violent mob attacked him while he was being escorted from the arena — Something that would make headlines on CNN and The New York Times if it would ever happen at a Trump rally.

Jacob told The Gateway Pundit, “Obama illegally surveilled a Republican candidate for President that was facing his ally and lackey Hillary Clinton. He should be investigated and jailed for doing so. We should not see that in America… We can leave that type of highly politicized action from the intelligence community to dictators and despots of the third world.”

Jacob also said, “My ribs and chest hurt like hell.”

Here’s the video:

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