ENDLESS CROWD! Trump in Macon: “There’s Never Been Crowds Like This in History of Politics!” — He’s Right! – RSBN Shows the Crowd! –VIDEO

Trump crowd in Macon — Right Side Broadcasting Network

There were Trump supporters at the Macon rally today as far as the eye can see!

Panoramic photo of the crowd is incredible:

This was simply INCREDIBLE!


During the start of today’s rally today for Brian Kemp — the president asked the FakeNews media to turn the cameras around and show the American public the THOUSANDS of Trump supporters behind them.

Of course, the mainstream liberal media ignored him.

But Right Side Broadcasting Network came through.
They spun their camera around — AND THE SIZE OF THAT CROWD WAS JUST IMMENSE!
No wonder the liberal mainstream media would not show it!

Watch this…

President Trump: Three’s never been crowds like this in the history of politics. You’ve never had crowds like this in midterm elections.

He’s right!
Working Americans LOVE this man!

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