Caravan Migrants in Tijuana Announce Hunger Strike to Demand Asylum in US

Migrants in the caravan stuck in Tijuana, Mexico, announce a hunger strike Thursday morning, according to reports.

El Universal reported on the plans for the hunger strike (via Google Translate) with this headline:Migrants in Tijuana Plan to Seek Asylum From the US With a Hunger Strike.

Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores posted to Twitter a report from the announcement, “A group of women from the caravan just announced they’re going on a hunger strike in Tijuana to demand immediate Mexican temporary humanitarian visas while they wait for asylum in the US, the US to speed up the asylum process at the border, and stop to deportations of caravaners”


The “hunger strike” will be held at a border crossing for visibility (and media photo-ops.)

There is no word on whether tear gas mom of nine Maria Meza will participate.

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