BREAKING: Code Pink Activist Kyrsten Sinema Takes Lead in AZ Senate Race Two Days After Polls Closed

Here we go…

Radical code pink activist Democrat Kyrsten Sinema just took the lead in the Arizona Senate race against Martha McSally two days after the polls closed.

Republican Martha McSally was ahead Tuesday evening when the polls closed; Sinema just pulled ahead.

Democrats are magically finding ballots all over the place right now.


Via The Washington Times:

Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema took the lead in the Arizona Senate race in new numbers released by the state Thursday night, flipping the race from what had appeared to be a GOP hold.

Republican Martha McSally led the vote after the polls closed Tuesday, but hundreds of thousands of ballots were still uncounted, officials said.

As the count comes in, Ms. Sinema has overcome a sizable gap.

The latest numbers give her 914,243 votes to Ms. McSally’s 912,137. Earlier in the day the tally had stood at 856,848 for Ms. McSally and 839,775 for Ms. Sinema.

As TGP previously reported, Taliban sympathizer and ‘anti-war’ activist Kyrsten Sinema expressed her utter disgust with Arizona in a speech given in March of this year.

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was a radical Code Pink activist before entering politics.

Sinema once led a far left group that portrayed US soldiers as evil killers who were waging terrorism in the world.

Arizona isn’t the only state producing thousands of ballots that are helping Democrat candidates pull ahead, the Dems are up to their old tricks in Florida as well.

Broward County and Palm Beach County are producing thousands of ballots two days after the polls closed.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio sounded the alarm Thursday morning saying Democrat lawyers are descending on Florida to steal the election.

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