MORE DEMOCRAT TRICKS: GOP Candidate Wins NM Seat in Congress – Then Magic Stash of 8,000 Ballots Turns Up (VIDEO)

Republican candidate Yvette Herrell was leading the New Mexico 2nd District Congressional race on Tuesday.

The race was called for Herrell when she went to bed.

But then Democrats magically found 4,000 new votes!
And now Herrell is out of a job.

Yvette Herrell spoke with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night.


President Trump won the district by 10 points. reported:

Roughly 8,000 ballots were the deciding factor in who was elected to the 2nd Congressional District seat. Poll workers at the Doña Ana County election warehouse spent hours sorting through thousands of absentee ballots Wednesday.

After an additional day of counting ballots, Democrat Xochitl Torres Small was named the winner in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District race.

Torres Small gave an emotional victory speech shortly after the secretary of state called the race.

“This process doesn’t fix our challenges. Only working together will do that. That’s why I am so grateful for everyone who has stood up in this moment to work together.”

She thanked a lot of people, including her team and parents.

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