AMAZING! People Started Lining Up Yesterday Afternoon For Trump Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee

President Trump is heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a massive rally Sunday evening after he is finished stumping for Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp in Macon, Georgia.

The crowd at the MAGA rally in Macon, Georgia was massive–people for as far as the eye can see were lined up to see President Trump.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are lining up at the McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee to see President Trump for his Sunday evening MAGA rally which begins at 7 PM ET.

President Trump will be in Chattanooga to support Republican Marsha Blackburn who is in a tight race with Democrat Phil Bredesen for the US Senate.


This is the President’s third trip to Tennessee to support Marsha Blackburn.

The President said of the massive crowds, “Something’s happening!”

TRUMP: On my way to Macon, Georgia where the crowds are massive, for a 4pmE #MAGARally. Will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee tonight, seen below, for a 7pmE rally. Something’s happening! Everyone needs to get out and VOTE!

Look at this massive crowd:

FOX News reported that people started lining up yesterday afternoon to make sure they get a seat inside of McKenzie Arena!

The weather in Chattanooga is cool and crisp and they are expecting rain tonight, but that won’t stop the Trump Train!

McKenzie Arena holds 10,000 people and it will be filled to the brim.

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