WOW! Dem Candidate Jennifer Wexton Has Staffer Dress as Cop to Fake Police Support in New Ad (VIDEO)

Far left Democrat Jennifer Wexton is running for US Congress against Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Comstock is tied with Wexton in the latest polls after trailing for several weeks.

But now this…


Democrat Wexton was caught using fake cops in her ad showing support for her candidacy.

In fact one of the fake cops is her campaign field director.

Rollcall reported:

A new ad for Jennifer Wexton, a top Democratic challenger to Virginia GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock, briefly features three police officers signing a poster promising “Change is Coming.”

But none of them are actual law enforcement. In fact, one of them is Matt Leslie, Wexton’s field director, who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has never been and is not currently police.

The uniform the officers are wearing do not match any of the 11 law enforcement agencies — sheriff’s offices and police departments — in Virginia’s 10th District, where Wexton, a state senator, is challenging Comstock in what is expected to be one of the most closely contested races this November.

“I have never seen uniforms in Virginia like that … at collective trainings or otherwise,” Brian White, a former sheriff’s deputy in Portsmouth, Virginia, said. “Looks like Party City uniforms.”

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