VIDEO: Attorney for Package “Bomber” Cesar Sayoc Says Evidence Against his Client is Thin

The lawyer representing package “bomber” Cesar Sayoc spoke with reporters today after his first court hearing since his arrest.

Attorney Jamie Benjamin says the evidence against Sayoc is thin.

Federal prosecutors want no bail for Cesar Sayoc.

Local 10 reported:

In an exclusive interview with Local 10 News, one of Cesar Sayoc’s defense attorneys questioned the government’s case against the accused South Florida serial bomber, saying the evidence is circumstantial.

Jamie Benjamin is no stranger to Cesar Sayoc. His firm represented Sayoc on several retail theft charges in the past, the last one in 2014.

“He reached out and he was just relieved that we were there to be able to counsel him,” Benjamin said. “During those times of representation, he didn’t exhibit anything but a polite respectful person but who knows what’s happened from then till now.”…

Benjamin maintains the evidence he’s seen in the criminal complaint against Sayoc is thin even though investigators said they have fingerprints and DNA evidence linking Sayoc to the packages.

“Just because they say this print, which hasn’t been certified, and these two maybe DNA (samples). That’s all they have. No pictures of him. No movies. No going to the places where they were mailed,” Benjamin said.

But what of the white Dodge van that Sayoc allegedly lived in, covered in pro-Trump stickers? And his social media pages spewing hateful messages and threatening violence?

“The First Amendment protects words even if they’re hate words. To connect it to this, the government has a long row to hoe here,” Benjamin said.

Federal prosecutors want no bail for Sayoc. They said he’s a flight risk and a danger to the community. A bond hearing will be held Friday.

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