Twitter Suspends Influential Black Female Trump Supporter’s Account After She Announces She Is Attending TPUSA Event in Washington DC

“Melissa” is a black conservative and Trump supporter with a huge following on Twitter.
(Melissa asked us not to use her full name because she has small children at home.)

Earlier this week Melissa announced on Twitter that she was attending the Black Conservative Summit in Washington DC this week sponsored by Turning Point USA.

Within an hour of posting her announcement on Twitter Melissa was suspended by Twitter.

This was the third account she created since coming out as a black female Trump supporter.

Melissa wrote The Gateway Pundit earlier today.

My Name is Melissa and I am a black conservative pro-Trump influencer on Twitter.

I am writing you because Twitter suspended my account (which has 118K followers) shortly after I announced I was attending to the Young Black Conservatives Summit in Washington DC and going to the White House to meet the President.

Within less than an hour of my tweeting about Visiting the White House to see President Trump, twitter locked me out of my account. I had to jump through a few hoops to get it back up including giving my personal phone number.

Then last night, four days later my account was suspended with NO STATED REASON. I did not even receive an email notification of suspension or why. Till today i have no idea why twitter suspended my account.

I sent an appeal to have the account yesterday reinstated but they have not responded.

I was also fundraising for the trip to the White House to which my followers were donating. I believe Twitter is trying to sabotage my fundraising efforts.

Since I have a large following, I am pretty certain they targeted me because they don’t want me documenting hundreds of young black people visiting and supporting President Trump because it destroys their narrative that Trump is racist and “literally Hitler”.

Please may you write a story on this as the latest example of twitter silencing conservatives. This is the 3rd account I have had to create. Twitter locked me out of 2 other accounts with thousands of followers.

They have also been unfollowing thousands of my followers to the point that i have not seen a net gain in followers for more than 6 months. Many of my followers tell me they have had to re-follow me.

It is just truly amazing that we now live in a country where I am silenced and shut down for my views.

Please help expose Twitter’s censorship of black conservatives.

Melissa is raising money to help pay for her trip to Washington DC.

You can donate to her campaign here.

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