Trump with Freed Pastor Brunson: “We Don’t Pay Ransom in this Country, At Least Not Anymore” (VIDEO)

On Friday US Pastor Andrew Brunson was released after spending two years in a Turkish prison.

Pastor Brunson was on house arrest following his release from prison and was unable to return to the United States. He had been living in Turkey and was working for the small Izmir Resurrection Church when he was arrested over his ties to various political groups following the failed 2016 coup attempt.

In order to secure the pastor’s release, the Trump administration had imposed sanctions on two Turkish officials who were linked to the arrest and detention and employed other various economic actions on the Turkish government.


On Saturday Pastor Brunson joined President Trump in the White House.
During introductions President Trump told his audience, “We don’t pay ransom in this country. At least not anymore.”

President Trump was, of course, referring to Barack Obama’s $400 million dollar ransom to the Iranian regime for US prisoners.

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