TICK-TOCK… Sean Hannity Warns Audience and Deep State, “It’s Going to Be Another Big Breaking News Week” …Update: Involves Top DOJ Official

And, here we thought the last two weeks were bad…
Sean Hannity tonight warned the Deep State the hammer is about to come down.

The American public was consumed with the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation crisis.
Tonight Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

And less than two hours later Sean Hannity warned his audience this is going to be another big breaking news week.

Sean Hannity: There is huge breaking news this week about the Deep State, let me put it this way. The dam is breaking. It’s going to be a massive breaking news week.

Via Hannity:

UPDATE: Sara Carter told Sean Hannity on Monday night the breaking news will involve a top official at the DOJ.

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