Ted Malloch: 2018 Is Like Deja-Vu All Over Again

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Yes, 2018 is starting to look a lot like 2016.

Yogi was right.

The midterm elections are NOT going the way the left Dems planned.

There is NO Blue Wave.

The Dems are going to loose at least 5, maybe more seats in the US Senate.

The Republicans can hold their majority and keep control of the House.

There will be NO Impeachment! NO Speaker Pelosi.

Just MORE Trump.

How can this be?

All the pollsters and TV talking heads said this was impossible. They said that Trump would be put in his place. They said Beto and Antifa and all those loonies would come to power.

How could they get it so wrong?


When you control the media, you control the news. And when you control the news—the flow of history both, past and present—you hold the power to control the way the world thinks.

The American ideal is, after all, equality: a white washed population whose citizens think, act, and behave the same way, never deviating from the course.

But like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse, too naïve to see the knife hidden behind the shepherd’s back, there is great danger in this race toward conformity in thinking. It seems as though equality, then, is the gravest threat to our civil liberties and free will.

Americans aren’t buying it. The media gets it all wrong.

Behind America’s mainstream media is a fluid collective of top intelligence agencies—including the CIA, FBI, and NSA—which we’ve come to know as the Deep State.

These agencies work in tandem to promote a homogeneous, liberal agenda—an agenda that they masquerade as democracy and equality, when in fact, it’s purely canned. The public thinks they were part of this decision, as though they executed their own free will and judgment when really they’ve been told not just what to think but how to think, through a calculated manipulation. In this new prescriptive age of democracy, determinism is disguised as free will.

And in today’s world of rapidly advancing technology and instant-gratification news—where by the time the newspaper hits your front porch, it’s old news—an unverified bit of information can become cemented as truth, plastered across social media platforms, and just like that, the opinions and agendas of the few become the ethos for masses.

The most glaring offense of manipulation in recent history was the 2016 election, where the Deep State crafted a myth, a one-size-fits-all narrative fit for immediate American consumption.

Yet the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

And left behind was a trail of crumbs riddled with inconsistencies. Using these advanced technologies, we were able to sift through the troves of electronic data, accessing emails and text messages, to reveal a truth so deeply buried: it wasn’t the Russians who attempted to hack the election, it was from within.

As we know now, the Deep State, working covertly and closely with the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton, orchestrated a plot to subvert the 2016 presidential run of Donald Trump.

And yet, the unthinkable happened: Clinton lost. Following his victory, these intelligence agencies and Clinton herself (and much of America) were shocked.

In a volatile mix of embarrassment and revenge, they continued to perpetuate the myth of collusion to delegitimize his presidency, slander his name, and weaken his character.

Now, a majority of America—the ones sucking at the teat of the mainstream media, the carnal consumers of CNN—wanted answers: how could this happen?

Clinton and the Deep State concocted a prescription to remedy their devastating loss—a fabricated panacea for all those wounded Americans. Clinton herself wrote a 512-page book to address the simple question, “What Happened?”

Instead of playing by the rules, she tried to buy votes and rig the election, calling in favors from her Deep State cohorts, and she was still bested by Trump.

That’s what happened. End of story.

But no one wants to read that book, do they?

Instead what they got was a long-winded, overly complicated story of all the ways in which the world conspired against her, most notably those pesky Russians. But it’s pulp fiction—as phony as the very keystone dossier at the center of this ornate lie that begins with Christopher Steele, the master fabricator himself.

Using the mainstream media as its voice, the Deep State is waging a slow relentless war on reality. And yet, America, like sheep being too distracted to notice the knife in the Deep State’s hand, were force-fed a narrative that confirmed what they wanted to hear.

Every headline, tweet, and blog post, each acting as another turn of the screw, tightening their foregone conclusion: The Russians did it.

What the mainstream media wants us so desperately to believe is that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump because of the Russians.

That a select group of Internet hackers were able to upend the results so heavily in Trump’s favor that now we need to exact revenge, through endless, circular investigations by James Comey and Robert Mueller, that drain the taxpayer’s wallet and will undoubtedly lead to nowhere, since after all, there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.

And yet, the media and the Deep State didn’t stop there: they want us to believe that Trump and his campaign have had long connections to the Kremlin. And that Vladimir Putin, channeling Nostradamus, had the overarching foresight to plant a seed back in 2013, and set up Trump as a Manchurian candidate, so to say, and sowed that seed and relationship to undermine America, using Trump like a puppet, his very own Moscow stooge.

Their aim is clear: control humanity by convincing the world that what they say is true. And, with the wool pulled over our eyes, we will rapidly descend into the most oppressive tyranny ever seen. But through oppression rises revolt.

And like any successful revolution, we must band together, arming ourselves with voices that oppose the sheep-like mentality, in search of the truth.

Alone, our voices are lost like echoes down a water well. But together, our voice will be louder than the sum of its parts, breaking through these political echo chambers. In time, we have the power to forge a new path forward exposing the truth about this Deep State’s manipulation.

In doing so, we must look beyond these prescribed notions so deeply engrained in the water supply—like who is our natural sworn enemy.

Yet, these are the notions we need to challenge most.

These are the ones that deserve the most critical thinking. And, oddly enough, these are the ones the majority of America thinks require no further examination because we accept them as truths when they are, in fact, fabrications and manipulations of the Deep State.

The midterm elections rebuke the DEEP STATE and the Dems (now Socialists) and reenergize our Commander in Chief.

They wanted a referendum on Trump. They got it.

Tired of winning, yet?

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