Susan Rice’s Son Presses Battery Charges Against Violent Leftist Who Assaulted Him at Pro-Kavanaugh Debate Table

Jake Rice – Stanford Daily

Stanford conservative students were attacked Tuesday after promoting an “innocent until proven guilty” debate table.

The signs said, “Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty. Prove me wrong.”
It was too much for the local leftists — who attacked the conservative students.

The cops were called after one physical attack.

Former Obama ambassador Susan Rice’s son John David Rice-Cameron is head of the Stanford Republicans.

Jake Rice pressed assault charges against young leftist Melinda Hernandez after she shoved and punched him.
The Stanford Daily reported:

Police arrived at White Plaza early Tuesday afternoon in response to a call from Stanford College Republicans (SCR) President John Rice-Cameron ’20, who alleged that Melinda Hernandez ’21 physically assaulted him at an SCR tabling event the group was holding in support of Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court confirmation.

Hernandez and multiple other witnesses denied these allegations, claiming that she touched him without force.

According to Stanford Department of Public Safety spokesperson Bill Larson, Hernandez was placed under a private person arrest at Rice-Cameron’s request and issued a citation for battery in response to Rice-Cameron’s allegations that she “shoved him in the chest with her hand during a verbal disagreement.” Larson added that there was no obvious physical injury to either party involved, and that Rice-Cameron declined to be evaluated by paramedics. Moving forward, the District Attorney’s Office will review the case and decide upon any further action.

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