Here We Go… SIXTH Kavanaugh Accuser Surfaces with Anonymous Letter that Included No Return Address

A sixth woman stepped forward.. sort of… and accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of brutal rape.

The anonymous accuser said Brett Kavanaugh brutally raped her and smacked her around.

The letter did not give a name or a return address.

Democrats are hoping the FBI will question this latest victim.

The Daily Mail reported:

An anonymous woman accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of repeatedly raping her while they were both teenagers, it emerged Monday.

Kavanaugh, she says, lifted her sweater and bra and digitally penetrated her, and then violently raped her ‘several times’ along with a friend who followed suit – before striking her and saying no one would believe her if she talked publicly about it.

‘Be a good girl,’ she claims Kavanaugh told her.

It’s the third such claim – and by far the most aggressive one – to reach the Senate Judiciary Committee without a name attached, and without citing the place or time of an allegation.

The allegation was made last week and Kavanaugh was questioned about it before the dramatic Senate hearings on Thursday.

Kavanaugh forcefully denied during a conference call with committee staff that he took part in any attack like what the Jane Doe claimed or had any knowledge of it.

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