Six Children in Minnesota Diagnosed with Rare “Polio-Like” Disease Since September

Minnesota has seen six cases of a rare “polio-like” disease since mid-September.

Polio was eradicated in most countries in the past century.

There are only five countries in the world where polio has seen a comeback in the past several years.
Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia

Could it be that Somalian immigrants brought this rare disease to the state of Minnesota?


CNN reported:

Six children in Minnesota have been diagnosed with a rare “polio-like” disease since mid-September, state health officials said.

Acute flaccid myelitis, known as AFM, affects the body’s nervous system — specifically, the spinal cord — and can cause paralysis. Unlike polio, there is no vaccine for AFM.

Minnesota typically sees less than one case a year, the state Department of Health reported. The disease typically affects children; all the recent cases in Minnesota were in children younger than 10.

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